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Wired 4 Food hacking event a big success

Coders, hackers and designers came together at the Wired for Food 24-hour hackathon at the University of Bristol Campus on 21-22 September 2012 to help transform the way we produce and consume food. The event was organised by Forum for the Future, with support from the Cabot Institute and the Ordnance Survey. It is part of the Forum for the Future's Wired for Change series, designed to inspire and engage the digital communities in the global problems we face.

The idea of a hackathon is to build networks, spread the word about interesting challenges and help demonstrate what technology can do through simple prototypes. The prototypes are not answers in themselves but rather signs of what is possible. The winning prototypes from Wired for Food are described below.
Joint winner – Best solution to real problemSolution: Hatchtag(DEMO)- finding local eggs withTwilioandCartChallenge: How do small scale growers make their produce visible without having to jump through hoops – w…

Paul F. Hoffman visits the University of Bristol

Cabot office weekly roundup – 13 September 2012